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A community center based on comedy

Crowdsourced Comedy is a Salt Lake City based comedy/improv troupe. We've delighted audiences since 2015, and since lockdown ended we're blowing up! Now we are at the precipice of expanding, and we need our own space.  

  • The theater will teach and produce various forms of comedy: IMPROV, STAND-UP, SKETCH, ROASTS, LIVE STREAMS and more! 

  • The owners represent the voices that we want to uplift. Jasmine Faye is a powerhouse, woman of color comedienne. Her dream is create a safe space for women and minorities to express themselves freely.  Craig Sorensen is a gay, disabled, and sober living performer. His dream is to have full programs that create a clear path to success in show biz.  Andrew Sproge is a founder who is based in LA. He is learning improv/comedy from the best sources to bring back to SLC. All three want to promote healthy life philosophies that don't discriminate based on sex/gender/orientation/age or social status. 

  • Any contribution will go toward our sacred goal: make the world a funnier place. Help in any way you can! Our end goal is to become a non-profit, community-based haven of laughter.


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Where the funds go, what you get

We're keeping it simple. These funds will help us create a community center for comedy.

  • All funds go towards securing a space, any remodeling needed, and helping folks learn about our comedic community. They will also help us pay the performers and professionals needed to make this possible.

  • Perks include credits for tickets to our shows/workshops (in-person or online), personalized content, and immortalization in our theater for top tier givers.

  • All funds, whether we hit our goal or not, will go toward furthering our productions and workshops while finding us a home we can call our own.


The impact, the challenge

Heavy feels, but in a silly way.

  • We've been blessed in the success we've had: full shows, sold out workshops, and incredible moments of joy with our audiences. We want to share the love of performing and learning comedy with as many people as possible! 

  • We have a track record of helping organizations and communities in need (The Trevor Project, Action Council of Utah, The Pride Center, Black Lives Matter, The Humane Society, etc.). We plan to regularly promote and help causes for people in need.  

  • No matter what, we will (eventually) create this space. This fundraiser helps us to do it faster and better, without asking anyone to plunge into massive personal debt.

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Other ways you can help

Please donate what you can. We know not everyone can help financially, and that's okay. Here's some things you can do if you're unable to donate (or along with your donation): 

  • Share the campaign around! Post a link to this page or share our social media to bring attention to the cause.

  • Follow us on social media. Come see a show. Take a workshop from us. Review us online with the experience you've had with us.

Thank you for helping crowdsource Crowdsourced Comedy! ;)

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